allmobilearea.comWhy is online poker so popular?. Due tothe increase in number of viewership and advancement of technology, there has been a considerable rise in the popularity of online poker. Compared to traditional land casinos this is little different and has many advantages also. For example you can play with as low as 2$ in an online casino and many sites even offer to play free games to encourage more and more customers towards the game. With this, beginners and middle segment players are getting opportunity to fine tune their skills. Once you are ready to play real games, you can start with low stakes and gradually go for higher numbers.

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provides many offers numerous offers for upcoming players and financially challenged players.

There are many reasons for the game’s popularity. Some of them are:

  • Increased media coverage: In the recent years, it has been treated as a giant sport rather than a game. Just like soccer and cricket it has been aired in live channels and because of the big satellite coverage viewership increased. People started going crazy for the game and the nail biting moves by the end of the tournament are no less than any big sport. There was mutual benefit like channels’ TRP ratings raised and there was lot of entertainment for viewers.
  • Thrill of becoming a star: Imagine people recognising you and fall crazy for you. All of a sudden you will start to feel special. Live telecasts did just this. The difference between playing on a normal table and live table is you will start to play much cautiously when you know that people are watching you. Grabbing game points in between the brouhaha of a crazy crowd is an immense pleasure you don’t want to miss.
  • Huge return on investment: There are many success stories in the history of online poker. People showed the saying “rags to riches” story many a times. For example, in the year 2003 a small accountant by name Chris moneymaker emerged to be the champion of WSP (World Series of Poker) and earned 2.5 million dollars. He caught the eyes of professional players at the same time. What more than money and fame at a time? This dismissed the notion that online games are difficult to play and are meant only for professionals.
  • Anybody can win concept: The success of ordinary people at major tournaments has given rise to many new and intermediate players trying their hands at the game. All of a sudden there was considerable increase in the online registrations of major sites. This brought a belief that ANYBODY CAN WIN.

Whether it is online or traditional game, simple rule is to follow your mind. You need to understand that persistent hardwork and understanding simple strategies opens doors for success.

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